Club Fees

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The club is run by a voluntary committee and a professional Head Coach with a team of volunteer coaches and requires all overhead costs to be recovered through the membership.

The fees are broken down into three elements:

  • Annual Membership

    Annual membership commences on 1st April each year and fees must be paid within 4 weeks of this date otherwise membership will lapse and there will be no insurance cover. The annual membership fee includes relevant affiliations to Worcester County, West Midlands Region. This is needed to take part in the relevant championships..

    The current annual membership fees are £60 for swimmers (or £112 for two or more)

    Adult volunteers are required to become members of the club, but there are no fees required, except for the ASA fees (below) for insurance purposes.

    Fees are determined at the Annual General Meeting held in June.

    All membership details are now stored in a secure online membership portal. Members are responsible for checking and updating information, such as contact details. Click here to login to the membership portal.

  • ASA Registration 

    ASA Registration must be completed and paid for all swimmers and club members on joining the club and annually on 1st January.

    Adult volunteers are required to pay £10.20

  • Training Fees

    Payment of monthly training fees is generally by standing order direction to the club’s bank account, on the first day of each month. Payment by cash or cheque is possible by prior arrangement. Late payment of training fees may result in a £5 administration fee or ultimately non-participation in training.


The following monthly training fees apply for the Hereford Squads:

  • SwimFit - £31.00 to £51.50 (dependent upon number of training session)
  • Senior Performance - £82.00
  • Youth Performance - £82.00
  • Age Group Performance - £64.50
  • Junior Performance - £48.00
  • Junior Development - £32.00
  • Academy - £24.50 for one session or £32.00 for two

The following monthly training fees apply for the Ross Squads:

  • SwimFit - £31.00 - £51.50 (dependent upon number of training sessions)
  • Junior Performance - £48.00
  • Junior Development - £32.00
  • Academy - £24.50