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Skills development (Basic)

About the Junior Development Squad

This squad has two sessions – each one hour in length. Swimmers are encouraged to swim fast over very short distances. Skills training is still based around 25m. There is a degree of 50m swim practice that both challenges the swimmers as well as enabling them to put turns into practice. Swimmers are introduced to the more technical aspects of turns including Breaststroke and Butterfly turns which are quite complicated, they are also coached in advanced freestyle and backstroke turns. This squad is encouraged to compete over 50m and 200m at external competitions (Level 3 open meets).


Monthly training fees for the Junior Development squad are £32.00.
Please refer to the main club fees page for full details of additional annual membership fees [here]


Andy Boucher


Training Times

  • Hereford Leisure Pool, St Martin's Ave, Hereford HR2 7RQ